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Quality Continuing Education For Dental Hygienists

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Founded for the delivery of excellent dental continuing education.

Focused on intimate, clinical based learning.


Continuing Education Opportunities

NC Board mandated 24 hours of continuing education through Continuing Education method, by a Board-Approved continuing education provider. This course includes 16 hours of didactic training and 8 hours of hands-on clinical training. The course will provide all educational materials, instruments and clinical materials, as well as all documentation for submission to NC Dental Board for certification. 

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This course has been designed to satisfy the NC Dental Board mandated 2 hours of continuing education in local anesthetics. These 2 hours must be completed annually, every year you wish to have "Certified to Administer Local Anesthetics" printed on your license. We have tailored this course to be a refresher on the most clinically useful information while satisfying the requirements set forth by the Dental Board.

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Raleigh, NC

"This is just what I needed. I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut, but this course has me excited about hygiene again."

Wilmington, NC

"Dr. Bobby and Dr. Trey made this course not only educational, but fun! I would greatly recommend this course to all hygienists!"

Down East Dental Association

Interested in joining a tight-knit, community study club? We're the association for you! Founded to further and improve the practice of clinical dentistry and to provide high quality education in group settings.


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Dr. Trey Harris

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Dr. Bobby Davis

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