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"Dr. Davis and Dr. Harris were very responsive with all of my questions during the written portion leading up to the clinical day. On the day of clinic I was very nervous but the doctors helped to ease my anxiety before with a step-by-step for each method/location. Great direction while delivering anesthetic! I feel very confident returning to my office and administering anesthetic independently. Fantastic program - just challenging enough to keep my interest, yet still manageable with a full time job and family demands."

Lizzie / RDH / Raleigh, NC

"Dr. Bobby and Dr. Trey made this course not only educational, but fun! The online course was great - you are able to move through the material at your own pace. The clinical portion was wonderful - the doctors walk you through every injection and don't rush you through it. I would greatly recommend this course to all hygienists!"

Amanda / RDH / Wilmington, NC

"Dr. Bobby and Dr. Trey were amazing. They were very informative at every step of the way. On our clinical day we reviewed anatomy, contraindications, do's and don't's, and the medical side of anesthesia. These doctors made a nerve-wracking experience fun and educational at the same time."

Icela / RDH / Goldsboro, NC

"I greatly appreciate Bobby and Trey for putting this course together in such a short period of time. I was eager to get certified and this course covers it all. From neurophysiology to anatomy, to medical emergencies, and injection techniques. The information provided was very useful and necessary for this procedure. The course instruction was straight to the point. I was nervous initially when signing up for this course but when I got to the clinical session all my nerves went away. I walked out feeling very confident to go back to my practice and provide this service to my patients."

Kesha / RDH / Raleigh, NC

"Great class! I feel very confident after taking it. I am excited to finally be able to do anesthetic in NC. Dr. Bobby and Dr .Trey are very knowledgable and patient. The modules and online work was tough but was the perfect amount of information and review. I cannot wait to get started in my practice. Great job, guys and thank you!"

Michelle / RDH / Chocowinity, NC

"The entire experience from initial sign up to in person clinical has been absolutely smooth, phenomenal, encouraging, and helpful!"

Nicole / RDH / NC

"This class was amazing. I learned so much. Hands on clinical was informative and Dr. Davis and Misty were so helpful. I would recommend this class to all hygienists! The didactic portion prepared us well for the clinical experience!"

Patti / RDH / NC

"I feel very good about going back to my practice and administering local anesthetic! Thank you, Dr. Harris. You made this class fun and did a great job instructing!"

Kristina / RDH / NC

"Dr. Trey Harris and Jony were fabulous! They made me feel comfortable and confident in my skills. I'm leaving the clinical day knowing I can get back to my office and do this confidently for my patient's comfort. I'm excited to get back to work!"

Alicia / RDH / NC

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