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Local Anesthetic Administration for NC Dental Hygienists



Congratulations to our FIRST North Carolina dental hygienist to be certified in NC to administer local anesthesia! Your hard work has paid off! Interested in receiving your certification? Read below for more information!

Course Description

Today's dental hygienist must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the hygiene profession including providing local anesthesia administration to provide comfort to the dental patient. This course provides the participant with the knowledge, mechanics, and skill set to create a comfortable, efficient, and positive patient interaction through pain and anxiety management.

All aspects of local anesthesia will be discussed and studied, from neurophysiology to regional anatomy and pharmacology. These subjects will be geared all towards the clinical application of the topic with the common goal of successfully managing patients requiring local anesthesia.

Focus will be on managing periodontal patients, with emphasis on providing useful clinical tips to utilize quality local anesthesia administration.

Participants will be required to pass didactic examination before proceeding to clinical skills, where participants shall be required to successfully administer 12 nerve blocks and 12 local infiltrations. Participants will be serving as both operator and patient for clinical portions of this course.


The participant should realize that proficiency in local anesthesia administration requires repeated administration and re-education. Course materials will be accessible for participants to allow for seamless transition back to their practices.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be trained in:

  1. Recognition, Prevention, and Management of Medical Emergencies

  2. ​Medical Assessment of the Patient​

  3. Management of Pain and Anxiety

  4. Head and Neck Anatomy

  5. Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics

  6. Pharmacology of Vasoconstrictors

  7. Armamentarium and Infection Control

  8. Techniques of Local Anesthesia

  9. Complications and Legal Considerations

As per NC Senate Bill 146, Board - Approved continuing education providers must provide the participant 16 hours of didactic continuing education hours, 8 hours of clinical education, and participants must complete 12 block and 12 local infiltration administrations under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist, who certifies their competency.

Down East Dental Institute will provide participants with certification of 16 lecture or self-instruction based didactic continuing education hours upon passing examination. 8 additional hours of continuing education will be certified upon proof of competency in administering block and local anesthesia. Transcripts will be provided to participants indicating examination scores and successful administration attempts, in order to the participant to apply for NC Certification.


Due the Monday prior to the course.

  • View, read and study all course lectures and instruction and Course Curriculum Guide

  • Complete all online course assignments

Since you will be serving as both an operator and a patient, we need the following paperwork submitted in compliance with DEDI policies. These forms are best submitted via email to

If prerequisites are not met by due date, participation in clinical course will be denied without reimbursement.

You must have also been practicing dental hygiene for 2 full years before you are eligible to receive certification from the NC Dental Board. Refer to the NC Dental Board website for more information.


Approximately 2 months prior to your registered course date you will receive an email with access to the required 16 hours of online didactic materials.


Clinical Day!

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