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Local Anesthetic Review

This course has been designed to satisfy the NC Dental Board mandated 2 hours of continuing education in local anesthetics. These 2 hours must be completed annually, every year you wish to have "Certified to Administer Local Anesthetics" printed on your license. We have tailored this course to be a refresher on the most clinically useful information while satisfying the requirements set forth by the Dental Board.

For more information on the the requirements for continued certification, please review Senate Bill 146.

Course Description

Today's dental hygienist must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the hygiene profession including providing local anesthesia administration to provide comfort to the dental patient. This included initial training, but also staying up to date with changing trends as well as refreshing knowledge on original material. This course aims to provides the participant with this refresher and include any new and updated information as it pertains to this subject.

This course is an online lecture format consisting of 2 hours of lecture and video. There is a quiz that must be completed and passed in order to demonstrate knowledge of presented materials. There is no hands-on component to this specific course.


The participant should realize that proficiency in local anesthesia administration requires repeated administration and re-education. 

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be retrained in:

  1. Recognition, Prevention, and Management of Medical Emergencies as related to Administration of Local Anesthetics

  2. Management of Pain and Anxiety

  3. Head and Neck Anatomy

  4. Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics

  5. Techniques of Local Anesthesia

  6. Complications and Legal Considerations

As per NC Senate Bill 146, Board - Approved continuing education providers must provide the participant 2 hours of didactic continuing education hours for hygienists to continue to be certified annually.

Down East Dental Institute will provide participants with certification of 3 lecture or self-instruction based didactic continuing education hours upon passing examination. This documentation should be reserved for proof of credits, should the Dental Board request an audit.


While there are no prerequisites for this course, the material is geared toward hygienists who are already NC Board Certified to administer local anesthetics. If you are not certified, you may still take this course as credits toward your annual 6 continuing education hours, however, this course does not count towards initial certification. Please see our course "Local Anesthetics Administration for NC Dental Hygienists" for initial certification information.

If you have completed your initial certification course with DEDI, you are eligible for a discount on your review course!


This is an online self-guided course. You will receive access to this course immediately after registration. After successful completion of the quiz at the end of the course, you will receive your documentation of completion for your records. 

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